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He was a skeptic, but Senior Microsoft Premier Field Engineer Jeff Stokes has determined that Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA). You view the logs using the xperfview tool. These tools are documented on this site. To use them, you need to download the Windows Software. When I run into a problematically slow program I immediately reach for a profiler so that I can understand the problem and either fix it or work.

Posts about xperfview wpa written by brucedawson. You have to click at the first icon over the graph. This shows the Graph + table. The 3rd icons shows you the table only. enter image description. I launch XperfView, confirm the symbol path is correct, and then load the symbols . However, when I attempt to open a summary table on a selected portion (5.

These tools viz. newbizsummit.com, newbizsummit.com, and newbizsummit.com, collectively dubbed the Windows Performance Toolkit can be downloaded for. 5 May In addition, support is maintained for the previous command-line tool, Xperf. However, Xperfview is no longer supported. All recordings must be. 24 Jan . Please download the tool XPERF and XPERFVIEW from the Windows Performance Analysis site, or load windows sdk. Windows performance tool kit.