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Steinberg monologue

Hi! I'm using Cubase 6 and want to upgrade to Cubase 9. I have many sessions with the monologue vst that is offered with this version of. A monophonic synthesizer, Monologue offers a rich sonic spectrum without heavily burdening the processor. It is the perfect choice of synthesizer for bass, lead. You can download two sound banks created by him for the virtual instrument " Monologue". These files can be found on the Cubase SX 3 or.

Andre Moroe is a renowned sound designer and producer of Deep House, Electro and Ambient music. You can download two sound banks created by him for. I own Cubase 8 Pro (64bit installed) and I found out that it does not have Embracer or Monologue VTS's. That they been last used in version. We take a closer look at the Embracer, Tonic and Monologue plug-ins that come This does take some experimentation to get right and, fortunately, Steinberg.

Adrenaline - Sound Set for Steinberg Monologue features sound presets for Steinberg's Monologue VST Instrument. You get punchy Lead sounds.