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The power of the Allwinner A10 with the flexibility of real Linux, help us build a true | Check out 'PengPod: True Linux Tablets and MiniPCs' on Indiegogo. PengPod is back and this time our hardware can go head to head with anything on the market. Our latest tablet, the PengPod has a Quad-Core Allwinner. As you have probably discovered, linux on baytrail devices isn't a great experience. I have a Baytrail tablet with ZF (Toshiba Click Mini). Runs Windows fine, a little sluggish but good for web browsing, netflix (p S-IPS display looks great).

PengPod Manufacturer, FIXME. Dimensions, mm x mm x 14mm. Release Date, Month year. Website. It seems that a linux tablet has been coming "any day now" for three years. Two years ago (I think) I noticed. The tablet arena already includes countless contenders featuring Linux-based Android, but a company currently seeking funding on Indiegogo.

The PengPods are a line of Allwinner Arm SOC based tablets and mini-PCs. The hardware is standard devices but PengPod's goal is to make these devices. Linux source for Allwinner/Boxchip F20 (sun3i), A10 (sun4i) and A12/A13 (sun5i) SoCs - khanning/linux-pengpod.