Massey tapehead rtas download

Massey tapehead rtas

TapeHead Saturator by Massey Plugins is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin. TapeHead is a saturation plug-in. Add a little saturation to your mix. Massey Plugins Inc. creates versatile, affordable and elegant plugins that have earned the status of 'must-haves' for mixing in Pro Tools. TapeHead Saturator. De:Esser sibilance sniper. DRT drum replacer. TD5 tape delay. CT5 compressor. TapeHead saturator. THC distortion pedal.

Hello, I'm desperatly searching for the VST (no RTAS, AAX) version of Massey tape head. They released a version in but it doesnt existe. Up until now Massey have exclusively written RTAS plugins for Pro Tools, but they will be The first plugin to be released as a VST is the Tapehead Saturator. Here's a pair of rad plugins for Pro Tools from Steven Massey, a self-confessed music and audio geek who had a hand in developing TL Aggro, TL Space, and.

2 user reviews on Massey Plugins TapeHead Saturator. I just downloaded the free Massey Tapehead version. Tapehead appears in my ' Harmonics' folder of RTAS plug-ins but ONLY shows up on. The Massey Tapehead Medium AU plug-in isn't exactly new, heck it's not strictly speaking a % complete plug-in.. You see, it began life back in as a. The website that used to have it is gone. Is there someone who was lucky enough to have downloaded it able to email it to me? Or let me know.