5.1 audio toolkit download

5.1 audio toolkit

The Audio Toolkit was developed by Anthony Grimani, president of Performance Media Industries and a veteran of Dolby and THX. Product information for Audio Toolkit DVD TK51 manufactured by Gold Line. Provided by AV-iQ. Anyone have any experience with the Audio Toolkit Test Disc by Goldline/PMI ? I'd like to add it to my set of tools but wanted some feedback.

When reading through this document, there are many references to a calibration DVD called The Audio Toolkit. The main reason I would. Audio Test Discs DVD: Band of Brothers—HBO If you're looking for a Calibration: The Audio Toolkit—Performance Media Industries and. This award-winning Audio Toolkit DVD is a technical solution to the universal problem of precisely routing signals to all channels in a surround system.

Buy the Goldline TK DVD Test Disc/ Audio Tool Kit at Full Compass. Contains over 80 test signals, laid out in a logical progression for quick calibration. Audio Tool Kit Nominated for TEC Award! Gold Line in association with PMI, have been jointly nominated for the Technical Excellence. Great home-theater audio gear demands great sound quality. For this purpose I recommend the Goldline Audio Toolkit, an affordable. It is amazing how good even a modest home theater can sound if it is setup to use the Goldline Audio Toolkit and match the band limited pink noise by ear.