Sakis3g.tar.gz download


Free download page for Project vim-n4n0's sdfasfasdfsadfasdfsadfadsfasdfasdfsad. Navigate to the directory where you unpacked the archive and type the following. sudo mkdir /usr/bin/modem3g sudo chmod /usr/bin/modem3g sudo cp /usr/bin/modem3g cd /usr/bin/modem3g sudo tar -zxvf.

sudo wget "" -O sudo mkdir /usr/bin/modem3g. sudo chmod /usr/bin/modem3g. sudo cp. I can get to and extract the files but as soon as I run in the terminal I have problems. My guess is there is an error in what I copied and. file is an archive, not a program - you can't make it executable. You have missed a step in the instructions on the Sakis 3G website.

Download and setup ppp, UMTSKeeper and Sakis3g sudo wget "http:// Git Clone URL: (read-only). Package Base Sources (1). Copy in your /home/username/bin/ folder (in this HOWTO we will use a bin folder in your home directory) and extract it: tar -xvzf. Hello Friend Thank you for the wonderful work Please Can you edit sakis3g for devices Enigma2??? Thank you Read MoreĀ». Read more.