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Dexdrive ps1

DexDrive is a brand of game console memory card readers that allowed data to be accessed by a PC. The DexDrive products were made by now-defunct. What's included? (1) Dex Drive for the Play Station One Specs: Brand: InterAct Platform: Sony Play Station One (PS1) Model No: SV Type: Game save. Is there any software at all that lets you use Dexdrive with Windows 10? I use this to back up my PS2 game saves, mayby it also works with PS1 MC's. and it works well with ps2 games, but since you can't save ps1 games on a ps2 memory card.

My computer just got completely wiped - including my Final Fantasy save game files. I want to get back to where I was rather quickly (Begining. Yes. I have mine and it still works fine. First thing I did when I got it was backed up my ps1 memory card saves.:D My problem seems to be. Thinking of buying a Dex Drive for the Ps1. Is it worth it? Anybody here have one ? I've seen some cheap and was wondering if the software is.

Find great deals for InterAct DexDrive PlayStation 1 to PC Memory Card Game NEW Playstation Dex Drive Memory Card to PC Game Save Exchange . Memory Card For Playstation 1 One PS1 PSX Game useful practical Affordable &L. DexDrive Hardware. The possibilities are endless! DexPlorer Software (on floppy disk). The Newest Revolution in Gaming! Personal Computer with a Pentium. In one of the boxes, amidst a bunch of wires and miscellaneous electronics, I found my old PlayStation DexDrive! I'd only used it, like, twice.