Antec kuhler 620 software download

Antec kuhler 620 software

I just installed the Antec Kuhler into my pc. However I can't find the software download anywhere, If someone could link it to me that would. Kuhler H2O and FAQ 2 · Where is the Kuhler Antec Case Compatibility List TROUBLESHOOTING FOR THE KUHLER / GRID SOFTWARE. Originally Posted by 8bitG33k Seems normal for both the and the I dont have time to really fiddle with fan software, the chill control.

Antec pairs with Asetek and brings their version of all-in-one water cooling to it up under their own label with the KÜHLER H2O moniker. Software. Antec KÜHLER H2O & - Watercooling in a compact package. This being the first cooler we've ever reviewed to come with a. Nov 25, Download Antec Kuhler Linux Driver/Control for free. Kuhler H20 we recently looked at, on the Kuhler H2O the Antec logo is back.

Antec Kühler H20 CPU Cooler, Antec Kühler H20 The is the first cooler we've encountered that ships with fan control software. Now Antec has thrown their hat into the cooling world and one of their first offerings was the Kuhler H20 Now they have released the. I got an Antec Kulhler H2O unit, and am having issues. I need help/ suggestions. I took the heatsink off my HD and put this on the card.