Norton antivirus source code download

Norton antivirus source code

Symantec, the makers of Norton AntiVirus, has confirmed that a hacking group has gained access to some of the security product's source code. An Indian hacking group, calling itself the Lords of Dharmaraja, has threatened to publicly disclose the source code on the internet. Anonymous has released what appears to be the source code from Norton Antivirus , in what could be a seriously damaging exercise for Symantec. Anonymous, for which LulzSec was distantly related to, has leaked a copy of the Symantec Norton Antivirus source code on to peer-to-peer site The Pirate Bay. (Reuters) - A hacker released the source code for antivirus firm Symantec's pcAnywhere utility on Tuesday, raising fears that others could find.

Hackers have published the blueprints to a version of Symantec's widely used Norton Antivirus software on the Internet, according to the. According to Dave Neal at The Inquirer, Symatec released this statement today: "Symantec is aware of the claims made by Anonymous that it has recently posted source code for the version of Norton Antivirus. We are still in the process of analyzing the code to confirm its authenticity," it said. "Symantec can confirm that a segment of its source code has been accessed," the company said in a statement released Friday. "Symantec's.

Symantec is investigating claims by a group of hackers that they are in possession of source code for its Norton AntiVirus (NAV) product. Com) – Symantec, the company behind Norton AntiVirus, has confirmed that a group of hackers has stolen portions of source code for two of its. Symantec has backtracked on how source code relating to its products the full source code of Symantec's flagship Norton anti-virus software. After a number of threats, hacker collective Anonymous has released what it claims is the source code for Symantec's Norton AntiVirus