Msn messenger ps3 download

Msn messenger ps3

Can we dowload msn messenger and have it on our menu to talk with our friends of msn messenger. thanks. Probably not, a 3rd party messenger that accepted MSN's protocol so you can go on MSN with that and play games with your PS3 simples. Just search for eBuddy in the PS3 browser. It gives you access to some of the most popular chat sites, like AIM, MSN, and Facebook. Once you.

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i made myself a tidy little app, all it does is load ebuddy mobile as a home page. with eBuddy you can multi-sign-in to yahoo, myspace, msn, facebook etc. Ps3. To use msn messenger, go to ebuddy on your ps3. Sign in a voila! You can talk to ur mates. NOTE: This works really slowly if you have a badd connection!.