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Mirc auto script

is it possible to write a script for mirc that will connect, identify to nickserv . Now you can have it join rooms auto with the server command like. # - 01/11/13 PM Script Auto Reply Key Words in other Channels not your own, and if keyword1 popped up in irc chat room, you would reply with. Control. The Control dialog performs functions related to channel and user control. Auto-Op. If a user joins a channel where you have Ops and that user's.

Hey guys, I was wondering if you can help me out here, I've known on join scripts and I'm using it now adays and when I'm connected, it. # - 22/10/05 AM Auto Kick on Nick script. SMC Offline Self-satisified door. Registered: 16/10/ Posts: 4. hey, i'm having some trouble with a nick. # - 11/03/13 AM Mirc need help scripting auto recover release nick. LoneThistle Offline Nutrimatic drinks dispenser. Registered: 11/03/ Posts: 6.

This Auto Alias remote mIRC Script lets Ops run sequential "Alias" files. Aliases start with a letter, then the line number. Script runs Sequential, Random and. 3 Jun - 8 min - Uploaded by Ween Script: wget newbizsummit.com Config: wget newbizsummit.com Courtesy of Incurza. You need to register your nick with IRC which can be done by: /msg NickServ Register PASSWORD EMAIL Copy and. mIRC Automated Execution Script v **. ** Author: Sierra Brown [ SierraKomodo ]. ** Website: newbizsummit.com