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Labyrinth 2 return of the goblin king

Read The fun's not over just yet from the story Labyrinth 2: The Return Of The Goblin King by DavidBowiesBest (Alexis Weaver) with reads. labyrinth, g. Sarah and her friends return in this amazing new adventure, Labyrinth 2: Jareth's Comeback. The all-powerful(and totally frightening) Jareth has returned in. For its the Return of the Goblin King. -got the idea from the manga, Return the the Labyrinth- -I do NOT own any of this and I got the idea of reading the manga of.

In Volume II, more of the history of the Labyrinth is revealed. On one hand, Toby is warned that, as the Goblin King, he may not leave the. Despite what you may have heard in recent reports, there currently is no Labyrinth 2 in the works. The internet launched into speculation mode. But while we may never get to see David Bowie reprise his role as the Jareth the Goblin King or see Jennifer Connelly as an adult version of.

Return of the Goblin King? David Bowie's cult See the latest David Bowie updates as the cult film Labyrinth is to be remade. Yet to be seen.