Jetfighter 2015 save game download

Jetfighter 2015 save game

Jetfighter - unlocker - Download. Gameplay-facilitating trainer for Jetfighter This trainer may not necessarily work with your copy of the game. "My Documents\JETFIGHTER savegames\*" a) Windows 9x kernel (98/ME): If you have trouble, start a New Game and immediately Save the game. Then. Jetfighter +2 trainer for PC and supports RETAIL. These Jetfighter cheats are designed to enhance your experience Savegame.

Apparently they think pilots use a computer mouse to fly a plane. Even though it is very cheap, if you are looking for a jet fighter game, save you money. Jetfighter Cheatbook is the Enter an IP as "gggggg" and select "Join Game". Note: After you quit the game things will return to normal. Jetfighter Jetfighter (Unlocker) [PizzaDOX] newbizsummit.comO More Jetfighter Trainers. Jetfighter (Unlocker). Add new comment.

JetFighter feels more like a first-person shooter than a flight sim. Hell, the game doesn't even offer joystick support. Thankfully, the mouse. All the latest Jetfighter cheats, cheat codes, hints, trophies, achievements, FAQs, trainers and savegames for PC. SAVEGAME Nov. 25, , 6KB. Download Jetfighter +2 Trainer for Jetfighter for free from the biggest game trainers and unlockers database of Jetfighter Free downloadable. Steel Beasts Gold Edition mHere you are able to download Steel Beasts Gold Edition Within Full Version PC Game with Many features and Facts.